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Helps Manufacturers, Accelerate Digital Transformation

Our focus is on creating Smart factories, Industrial Automation

Technology and adoption complexities of Digital Manufacturing lead to higher risk of program failure and takes the focus away from value creation.

Industrial Automation using PLC, Robots, AGVs/AMR

Industrial automation is a set of technologies that uses control systems and devices, PLC, Robot, Cobots, AGVs/AMR to enable automatic operation of industrial processes and machinery without the need for human operators.

Smart Factory Assessment, Consulting, Industry 4.0 Roadmap

Our deliverables include a feasibility study report, design document, system architecture, UI design template, required specifications, budget, etc. We help our customers in an early stage of projects in requirement drafting, feasibility study, solution architecting, budgeting, designing, and process flow preparation.

IoT-enabled or Smart Technologies Solutions

Predictive Maintenance Condition Monitoring Predictive Quality based on vision system Empowering Energy Monitoring Manufacturing Analytics 360 Robot Monitoring Platform AI-based problem diagnostic systems in electrical power systems. Maintenance Analytics

MES/MOM, Business Planning & Logistics, Supply Chain

 It includes all basic MES (or Production) capabilities as well as extended capabilities in Logistics (Warehouse Management), Quality, Labor tracking, Maintenance, Machine Integration and Supply Chain. A Global MOM extends all of these capabilities across a global, multi-plant enterprise


Cloud Robotics Helps Manufacturers, Accelerate Digital Transformation.

Our cloud-based software provides the fastest, most predictable, and most profitable path to digitalization. Start managing your shop floor with Cloud Robotics and in just weeks you'll see less downtime, greater agility, and higher overall productivity

Energy Innovations

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Renewable Technology

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